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CHI, CTech, EA

ASTTBC – Certified House Inspector & Certified Technician - Building Sciences

Tracy Smith is licenced with Consumer Protection BC and certified through Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) as a Certified House Inspector (CHI) and Certified Technician - Building Sciences (CTech).


Residential House Inspections

All ASTTBC members are regulated by the Professional Governance Act (PGA). Therefore, the focus is on public safety – not on promoting the business of members. House inspectors with ASTTBC are “Certified” under the PGA. ASTTBC has approx. 10,000 members from various technical backgrounds; House Inspectors are only a fraction of their membership.

An ASTTBC House Inspector has a stamp or seal for their work and they are held to higher standard in home inspection industry as regulated by PGA. Of course, they must adhere to a code of ethics and have yearly requirements for career professional development. They are subject to regular practice reviews and may be reviewed by the disciplinary committee.

Currently all House Inspectors in BC have to be licenced by Consumer Protection BC (CPBC) but there are no requirements through CPBC for inspectors to complete any continuing education.

Commercial Building Inspections

To become a Certified Technician - Building Sciences with ASTTBC, you must meet high standards for education and experience within a built background. Relevant and qualified references are required along with an explanation of education, and experience for competency claimed with samples of prior work.

A CTech designation means scientific technical scope, further than construction only background and especially relevant when doing commercial inspections or being called as an expert witness for court. These tasks tend to require a more detailed evaluation and explanation of building systems. It may also give negotiating leverage, depending on the inspector’s findings.

ASTTBC Technology Professionals
Consumer Protection BC

Natural Resources Canada – Energy Advisor Consulting

Tracy is an Energy Advisor (EA) with Natural Resources Canada and registered through a licensed Service Organization, Home Tech Energy Solutions.

To demonstrate compliance under the BC Energy Step Code for Part 9 on residential buildings, energy modelling and airtightness testing is necessary for new homes by January 2022. Energy Assessments are also done for existing homes to help homeowners decide how to increase their energy efficiency.

Financial rebates and incentives are available from BC Hydro and Fortis BC for new construction in meeting targets, working with an EA and also for improving efficiency of existing homes.

Energy Step Code
New Construction Building


Tracy served on the ASTTBC Property Inspectors Certification board from 2017 – 2021. She now sits on the ASTTBC Practice & Audit Review committee.

Providing third party inspections and working with First Nation communities throughout BC has her familiar with construction methods, materials, and the BC Building Code. Tracy has provided materials as expert witness in court and is a member of the Building Officials Association of BC.

New Construction and Plans

Detailed Inspections Testimonials

I have worked with Tracy Smith over the past several years and consider her services vital to our continued development and success of our housing portfolio and service delivery. The inspection products that Tracy provides; has greatly improved our assets in the housing portfolio and more importantly the health and safety of the houses that membership and families live in.

I trust Tracy’s expertise and her credibility. I gladly recommend her to other organizations.

Dan Rodgers, Neskonlith Indian Band, June 2021

Tracy was professional and provided a very detailed report. She went above and beyond the expectations we had for a home inspectors. She pointed out several issues within the home as well as with the surrounding area.

I would happily use Tracy again and recommend her to everyone looking for a quality home inspections.

— Sean West, February 2021

Thank you very much, Tracy, it was a pleasure meeting and working with you. You are very professional but yet approachable and personable. Everything looks good and plenty of information and recommendations for repairs. I have downloaded the pictures and will go through them at a later date. Take care, stay safe and healthy.

— Jacqui and Russell Weiss

Very informative, great explanations, polite and professional service! We would highly recommend Tracy Smith!

— Sherri-Lynn

I was stuck needing someone very very last minute and not only did she help by shifting her schedule she was able to me in the afternoon so I could be in from out of town too. The roads ended up closed on me. When I got her report it was like I went through the home with her. I was blown away with her attention to detail without being wordy and lengthy. She was detailed in every corner of the home right down to recomendations to improve savings. She even listed websites for rebates. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend and I am not one to be overly impressed easly.

— Summer Finn

During the course of our contract, which included full inspections of about 30 homes, Tracy was professional and friendly. We received so much positive feedback from our community members about how Tracy spent extra time explaining what she was doing and answering questions.

I am happy to recommend Tracy to anyone that needs house inspections.

Kerrie MacLean, Cook’s Ferry Band, August 2015


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