Residential House Inspections

Home Inspections

Interior Residential House

We provide objective, independent and unbiased house inspections. This includes a thorough examination of:

  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing
  • Venting/Attic
  • Roof Surface
  • Insulation
  • Structure
  • Foundation
  • Electrical Overview

Each home inspection includes a 1 hour “walk-through” with client plus a report that is a written narrative, not overly technical and easy to understand. Digital copy of all photos.

A House Inspection is a “pause” in the purchase to allow the buyer to have a close look at the house before completing the deal.

All homes (even new construction) have problems. Every problem has a solution. Solutions will vary from a simple fix of the component to adjusting the purchase price.

Review the inspection report and consider the items you think the seller should address, then present them to your realtor. Realtors work hard with both buyers and sellers to come to a fair sales agreement.

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